The 2019 Season
  Winners Runners-Up Promoted out / Relegated / Left Promoted in / Rejoined / Joined
East Anglian Premier League Frinton-on-Sea Swardeston Vauxhall Mallards Sawston & Babraham
Whiting Division 1 Sawston & Babraham Histon Sawston & Babraham To EAPL Stamford Town From Whiting 2
      Godmanchester Town Resigned St Ives & Warboys From Whiting 2
2020: Cambridge II March Town Thriplow Resigned Cambridge St Giles  
  Cambridge St Giles Ramsey        
  Eaton Socon St Ives & Warboys        
  Foxton Stamford Town        
  Histon Wisbech Town        
Whiting Division 2 Stamford Town St Ives & Warboys Stamford Town To Whiting 1 Old Leysians From Whiting 3
      St Ives & Warboys To Whiting 1 Foxton II From Whiting 3
2020: Castor & Ailsworth Old Leysians Cambridge St Giles To Whiting 1    
  Foxton II Saffron Walden II Blunham To Whiting 3    
  Huntingdon Ufford Park        
  Kimbolton Waresley        
Whiting Division 3 Old Leysians Foxton II Old Leysians To Whiting 2 Blunham From Whiting 2
      Foxton II To Whiting 2 Godolphin From CCA Sen 1
2020: AK XI Godolphin Newborough To South Lincs Orton Park From Hunts 1
  Bharat Sports Orton Park        
  Blunham Southill Park        
  Burwell & Exning II Wisbech Town II        
  Eaton Socon II          
CCA Sen Senior Division 1 Godolphin Needingworth Goldolphin To Whiting 3 City of Ely From CCA Sen 2
      Fulbourn Institute To CCA Sen 2 Chatteris From CCA Sen 2
CCA Sen Senior Division 2 City of Ely Chatteris City of Ely To CCA Sen 1 Fulbourn Institute From CCA Sen 1
      Chatteris To CCA Sen 1 Bluntisham From CCA Sen 3
      Cherry Hinton To CCA Jun 1N Sawston & Babraham II From CCA Sen 3
CCA Sen Senior Division 3 Bluntisham Sawston & Babraham II Bluntisham To CCA Sen 2 Coton From CCA Jun 1N
      Sawston & Babraham II To CCA Sen 2 Fordham From CCA Jun 1N
      Cottenham To CCA Jun 1N Chesterfords From CCA Jun 1S
          Takeley From CCA Jun 1S
CCA Walker 20/20 Cup Sawston & Babraham II Godolphin  
CCA Invitation Cup Godolphin Sawston & Babraham II Appointments
CCA Junior Cup Takeley Linton Village w/e Apr 7 14 21 28 May 5 12 19 26 Jun 2 9 16 23 30
CCA Lower Junior Cup Sawston & Babraham III Comberton w/e Jul 7 14 21 28 Aug 4 11 18 25 Sep 1 8 15 22
CCA Junior League Play-Off Coton Chesterfords  

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