Week Ending Sunday 30 August 2020
as at 23/09/2020
Monday 24 August 2020
CYC U18 Cambridgeshire U18 v Lincolnshire U18 (at Wisbech) [Observer: (K. Coburn)] (2 x t20's White Ball) 11:00 P. Laughlin C. Stokes
Tuesday 25 August 2020
Over 60 OFF Cambs & Hunts Over 60 v Suffolk Over 60 (at Barrington) 13:00 M. Webster
Thursday 27 August 2020
Over 60 Suffolk Over 60 II v Cambs & Hunts Over 60 II (at Woolpit) 13:00 A. Lamb
CYC U15 Girls Cambridgeshire U15 Girls v Cricket East U15 Girls (at Caldecote) 11:00 D. Lloyd M. Webster
Friday 28 August 2020
CYC U14 OFF Cambridgeshire U14 v Leicestershire U14 (at Ramsey) (No notification it was off) 10:45 A. Donald M. Webster
CYC U17 Girls OFF Cambridgeshire U17 Girls v Northamptonshire U17 Girls (at Caldecote) (No notification it was off) 11:00 P. Jennings A. Lamb
Saturday 29 August 2020
Whiting 1 Foxton v March Town 12:30 S. Kent-Phillips C. Nicholson
Whiting 1 Histon v Eaton Socon 12:30 D. Ash R. Fountain
Whiting 1 Saint Ives & Warboys v Cambridge Saint Giles (at Warboys) 12:30 M. Hoy D. Lloyd
Whiting 1 Wisbech Town v Cambridge II 12:30 D. Arthur L. Mills
Whiting 2 North Orton Park v Castor & Ailsworth 12:30 T. Edwards F. Gaimster
Whiting 2 North Ufford Park v Wisbech Town II 12:30 R. Chandraker A. Lamb
Whiting 2 West AK XI v Waresley 12:30 D. Pimblett M. Webster
Whiting 2 West Eaton Socon II v Old Leysians 12:30 C. Stokes
Whiting 2 West Southill Park v Huntingdon 12:30 A. Donald C. Wilson
Whiting 2 South East OFF Burwell & Exning II v Godolphin (at Exning) 12:30
CCA Mini Leagues City of Ely v Needingworth 13:30 J. Wallis
CCA Mini Leagues Fulbourn Institute v Wilburton 13:30 B. Howard
CCA Mini Leagues Great Shelford v Cambourne 13:30 R. Bull
CCA Mini Leagues Horseheath v Newport 13:30 R. Griggs
CCA Mini Leagues OFF March Town II v Histon II 13:30
CCA Mini Leagues OFF Milton v Longstanton Grasshoppers 13:30
CCA Mini Leagues Royston v Cambridge NCI 13:30 D. Morgan
CCA Mini Leagues Sutton II v City of Ely II 13:30 M. Paul
Sunday 30 August 2020
CYC U13 Girls Cambridgeshire U13 Girls v Northamptonshire U13 Girls (at Caldecote) (t35) 11:30 R. Bull B. Howard
Friendly Bernie Peachey Memorial v Fulbourn Institute (at Fulbourn) (t20) 12:00 A. McLean
CCC Friendly Cambridgeshire v Suffolk (at Exning) [Observer: (K. Coburn)] 11:00 S. Seabrook M. Webster
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